3 Reasons You Need Therapy To Manage Affective Disorders


Most people who struggle with affective disorders will need medication as part of an overall treatment plan. Unfortunately, therapy often falls by the wayside, because it may not seem like it matters with affective disorders. Therapy is just another component in an effective strategy to make affective disorders more manageable. 1. Better Understand Yourself Although many affective disorders are caused by biochemical imbalances within the brain, it does not mean there are not situations from your past or in your current life that can exacerbate the problem.

8 September 2018

Three Keys For Respiratory Health


In order to get the respiratory health that you need, you'll want to follow some strict steps and add a few practices to your life. These practices should include finding a respiratory care medical professional, take control of your diet and maintain a lifestyle that is conducive to respiratory health. These three guidelines are explained below, so apply them and find the help of a respiratory care professional who can help you out.

26 January 2017

You May Not Realize It, But These Things Could Be Worsening Your Back Pain


Seeing a chiropractor to help alleviate your back pain can help you move from someone who is largely immobile and in constant discomfort to someone who can regain his or her former quality of life. It will often take several adjustments for your chiropractor to turn a sore back into a pain-free one, so it's important that you don't do anything in the meantime that worsens the pain or pushes your back out of alignment.

9 August 2016

What To Do Before & After Your First Acupuncture Treatment


If you are going in for your first acupuncture treatment, and you want the treatment to be as effective as possible, you need to know what to do before and after you go in for treatment. Before You Go In For Treatment Before you go in for your first treatment, you want to make sure that you are ready to focus all of your energy on your treatment and on the healing process.

4 July 2016

Improving Senior Health: 5 Reasons To See A Chiropractor


Senior care often involves many doctor visits and prescription medications. While these traditional methods certainly do help seniors live a better life, they aren't the only options. Chiropractic care for seniors can help improve their daily lives. Here are five ways senior chiropractic care can help: 1. Improved Range of Motion One of the harder parts of aging is that range of motion becomes limited. Unfortunately, this can make life extremely difficult—even if the range is only limited by a minor amount.

16 May 2016

3 Tips For Seniors Who Need To Alleviate Chronic Pain


It seems like that the older you get, the more pain you are in. Many of the aches and pains that seniors experience on a day-to-day basis will become very run of the mill. However, some seniors will begin to experience much more significant pain. According to research, chronic pain is something that is experienced by between 75 and 85 percent of seniors in care facilities and roughly 50 percent of the elderly who live independently at home.

16 March 2016

Three Ways To Tell That Your New Contact Lens Prescription Needs To Be Adjusted


When you go to get contact lenses for the first time, the optometrist will run a few tests on your eyes and determine what he or she thinks your prescription should be. You will then wear the contacts for a few weeks to see if they are the right prescription or if adjustments need to be made. The prescription that you have for your eye glasses will not be the same for your contact lenses, so you need to know how to tell if the contact lenses are the right prescription when you are wearing them.

23 July 2015

Rehabilitation Services And The Truth Behind Several Myths


Do you have mobility issues due to accident or illness? Are you looking for information about rehabilitation services? You may have run across a lot of misinformation in your research. Here is the truth behind some of the myths that you may have encountered: Physical therapy can fix problems in just a couple sessions. Before going in for rehabilitation services, it's important to know what to expect. While minor impairments may see some improvement in just a session or two, this isn't always the case.

2 March 2015

4 Things You Need To Know About Scleral Buckling Surgery


The retina is a structure in the back of your eye that is responsible for transmitting images to your brain. Without your retina, you can't see, which is why retinal detachment is such a big problem. Retinal detachment happens in about 1 out of every 10,000 people every year, and if this happens to you, your optometrist will recommend scleral buckling surgery.  What is scleral buckling surgery? A scleral buckle is a belt that is attached to the outside of your eye.

11 December 2014

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment


Have you been noticing pain and swelling along the inside of your ankle when running? This pain may be the result of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, a serious tendon injury that requires prompt treatment. What does the posterior tibial tendon do? The posterior tibial tendon extends from the calf down to the bottom of the foot. When you walk or run, the tibial tendon keeps the arch of your foot from collapsing. In those suffering from posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, also known as PTTD, the tendon is no longer able to do its job, and the arch of the foot slowly begins to collapse.

14 November 2014