Bathroom Safety Gadgets For Seniors


The elderly who must rely on a home caregiver often have limited physical capabilities. These limited capabilities can be frustrating for them and may cause them to become increasingly agitated. One of the major sources of aggravation is the use of the bathroom. Being unable to use the toilet or bath by themselves, and having to call for assistance when needing to do so can be frustrating and humiliating for the senior.

13 November 2014

What Are Prism Eyeglasses And When Are They Needed?


If you wear eyeglasses or have an eyeglass prescription, you may notice there is a space for "prism" on the prescription. Or, you may have spotted some strange markings and bumps on other people's glasses. While not all eye doctors prescribe prisms, it does have a purpose. Prism correction on eyeglasses can correct a real eyesight problem not directly related to poor vision. What are prisms eyeglasses? Prisms are modifications to the outside of the lens usually in the form of raised or thinned areas to redirect light.

12 November 2014

Three Things You Are Not Responsible For As A Senior Home Care Agent


When you step into the profession of senior home care, you are taking on great responsibility. Home care agents really do have a lot on their plate because taking care of a senior can sometimes be akin to caring for a small child with major medical issues. You may find that in addition to the required services, such as help with personal hygiene and food, your employer expects a lot more from you.

11 November 2014