Rehabilitation Services And The Truth Behind Several Myths


Do you have mobility issues due to accident or illness? Are you looking for information about rehabilitation services? You may have run across a lot of misinformation in your research. Here is the truth behind some of the myths that you may have encountered:

Physical therapy can fix problems in just a couple sessions. Before going in for rehabilitation services, it's important to know what to expect. While minor impairments may see some improvement in just a session or two, this isn't always the case. It may be many sessions, over weeks and months before there is extremely noticeable improvement. This can be disappointing and discouraging for some people, but it's essential to remember that improvement takes time. If you get discouraged during the course of your treatment, talk with your physical therapist about what expectations you should have for your condition.

Rehabilitation services focuses only on one particular part of the body. While it may be true that you have full mobility over most of your body, a good physical therapist won't completely ignore those healthy areas. For example, if you have trouble walking, your physical therapist will also keep an eye on parts of your body that aren't your legs. One session may focus on your posture, so that you avoid back strain. Another session may focus on how you carry your arms so that you have proper balance. Even for very small areas of your body, such as your hands and wrists, your physical therapist may also touch on how changing the position of your neck or shoulders could make a difference in your hand usage.

Massage therapy and physical therapy can't mix. The truth is that both massage and physical therapy can be important parts of rehabilitation services. Physical therapy will help you to gain regain use of the afflicted part of your body. On the other hand, massage can help to stretch and loosen unused or stressed muscles. It may be especially helpful for pain relief after a long session of physical therapy.

Physical therapy is expensive. In truth, rehabilitation services are often mostly or entirely covered by insurance companies. If you still can't afford your insurance co-pay, talk to your physical therapist about exercises that you can do at home. By doing the prescribed activities at home, you may be able to greatly reduce the number of in-office physical therapy that your doctor originally recommended. Instead of coming in once a week or more, you may be able to reduce your office visits to once a month or even less. Talk to experts like Hillcrest Nursing Center for more information.


2 March 2015

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