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Humans are social animals. This is why there's a big focus on trying to be accepted and loved as part of a society, family, couple, etc. Therefore, a lot of efforts are made to maintain a good sense of self-esteem and feel secure and confident in everyday social life. One of the biggest factors that define how a person looks and feels about themselves is their hair.

The current hair situation is, well, hairy. Around 65% of men will suffer from baldness symptoms like thinning of the hair or bald spots as early as the age of 35. This is why so many efforts are being made in the medical sciences community to solve this issue and offer efficient therapies to counteract this fact.

PRP Hair Restoration Treatment

Among hair restoration treatments, one of the most used is the PRP one. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, a transfusion product created by hematologists in the 1970s to control the drastic reduction of platelets in patients. PRP is blood plasma, meaning the proteinic component of blood, that has a higher percentage of platelets than the one found in peripheric blood. Although initially used only for serious health conditions that required urgent blood transfusions, PRP is now used in all sorts of treatments.

For example, in the fields of sports sciences, chronic pain management, and aesthetic medicine, this is due to the newly found properties of PRP. It has a large number of growth factors that help tissues regenerate and grow. This is why, in the field of hair treatments, platelet-rich plasma has been shown to create the growth of new hair follicles while also strengthening the ones already present.

This is due to the PRP's growth factors, which allow skin cells to reproduce locally while also creating stimuli to generate more blood vessels in a process called angiogenesis. Thanks to the aforementioned angiogenesis, the treated zone gets a stronger blood supply, which in turn creates healthier and stronger hair follicles.

The best part about PRP is that it is made with the patient's own blood, meaning there's little to no risk of rejecting the treatment or getting side effects from its use. This is crucial because inflammation could create further problems in the balding scalp tissue.

In conclusion, PRP hair treatment is a very good way of getting the most out of the body's own capacity to heal itself. This treatment can help even the most drastic cases of baldness when applied by a professional. PRP hair restoration can allow the patient to feel more secure and happy with their own personal image.


24 April 2023

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