Six Things You Should Know About PRP Hair Restoration

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One of the most exciting new treatments when it comes to addressing hair loss is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) hair restoration. Patients trying to find a solution to their hair loss issues should definitely learn a bit about this procedure to decide if it's right for their needs.

The following are six things you should know about PRP hair restoration:

The platelet-rich plasma hair restoration procedure involves stimulating hair follicles through plasma growth factors.

Growth factors are substances and compounds in the blood that help promote growth of cells and tissues. Growth factors are commonly contained in both the white blood cells and the platelets of the plasma.

The PRP hair restoration process relies on the presence of growth factors to combat hair loss.

The PRP hair restoration process involves injecting a patient's own plasma into his or her scalp.

The procedure of PRP hair restoration is surprisingly simple. When the procedure is performed, a patient's blood is drawn and that patient's plasma is then removed from the blood.

Then, the plasma is injected directly into the scalp in areas where the patient is experiencing hair loss. Afterward, a red LED light is shown onto the scalp to stimulate the plasma in the patient's scalp. 

The PRP hair restoration process can be completed in under an hour.

This procedure does not take a great deal of time. Patients who go in for the procedure will typically find that it takes less than an hour to complete. 

The PRP hair restoration process involves angiogenesis.

The PRP hair restoration process relies upon what is known as angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is any physiological process that promotes the growth of new blood vessels somewhere in the body. 

The procedure does not cause any kind of scarring.

Some patients are concerned about scarring when it come to undergoing PRP hair restoration treatment. However, no scarring will result. While the patient will need to undergo some injections into the scalp, these injections should not leave any kind of noticeable wound or scar. 

Results from the procedure can be seen in just a few months.

Patients who get positive results from the procedure usually see these results in only a matter of a few months. 

Generally speaking, the first presented sign that the treatment procedure is successful for a patient is that the shedding of hairs slows down. Then, hair growth may be seen to thicken slowly over time. 


27 May 2019

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