Keep Your Business Professional By Sending Employees To A Drug & Alcohol Testing Center

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As a business owner, you pride yourself on running a professional shop and that includes hiring employees who are just as professional as you are. Regardless of what type of business you run, it's a given that no boss wants their employees to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on the clock and plenty of business owners want their employees to be clean-cut off the clock as well. But if you aren't yet testing your potential or current employees for drug or alcohol use, you might not really know what's going on. Here's how connecting with a local facility that offers drug & alcohol testing can benefit your business.

Don't Make a Mistake When Hiring New Employees

By requiring a drug test before hiring a new employee, you can make sure that you aren't bringing someone into the building who might cause a future problem. You have the right to hire or not hire anyone you want, but once someone is on the payroll, it can be more difficult to get rid of them if you don't have clear-cut evidence of the behavior in question. A drug test before they sign on the dotted line ensures that you know exactly what you are getting with your new hire. It will also make clear to this employee from the outset that your business takes this issue seriously just in case they get any ideas about experimenting with these substances in the future.

Ensure Employees Continue to Be Up to The Company's Morality Clause Even After They Are Hired

Certain types of companies may follow a specific moral code as part of their mission statement or identity as a business. For these types of companies, having one of your employees arrested or otherwise publicly exposed as a drug user could be devastating to the image you have worked so hard to cultivate. If this is the type of business you are trying to run, you could consider requiring employees to sign a morality clause in their contract and require regular or random drug testing as time goes on.

Require Testing Following a Workplace Incident in Order to Investigate or Protect Yourself Legally

No employer wants to see an employee walking into the building while under the influence of something. When you write up your employment contracts, you could stipulate that you have the right to require an immediate drug test if you suspect something might be going on. Being able to get your employees tested at will can protect you legally by giving you the evidence you need to take action against the employee if necessary.  


8 September 2021

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