Four Squats To Build Your Butt At The Gym

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For many people hitting the gym, the goal is to build a better bottom. If you have been looking for a new way to build your muscles, you may have recently got a gym membership. A 24/7 gym gives you the ability to build strength any time of the day.

So, how can you build your butt? These squats will help you build your glutes at the gym, with and without equipment.

The Basic Squat

You will likely begin with the basic squat, which involves using your bodyweight or holding some weights at your sides or on your shoulders. You will squat down, making sure to keep your knees from caving in. This is a good squat to teach you how to activate your glutes and to build strength in your legs.

The Goblet Squat

If the basic squat feels too comfortable for you, grab a dumbbell or kettlebell at the gym and hold it to your chest as you perform the squat. This builds your butt as well as your quads and hamstrings.

You can increase the weight you hold as the move feels easier. Some people even lift the weight up as soon as they reach the peak of their squat. This can provide you with a bit of an arm workout too.

The Plié Squat

The plié squat involves taking a wide stance and tucking in the bottom. You will move yourself up and down, perhaps with some weights. This helps activate your glutes and build more strength in the legs, hip flexors, and even core.

As you plie down and up, make sure to keep your back neutral. Don't arch the back, as this can take the load off your glutes and onto your back.

The Jump Squat

Are you ready to build a butt and get some cardio in at the same time? You can get exhausted while working your legs, glutes, and abs at the same time. Squat down and then pop up, lifting your feet off the ground. Land back in a squat and repeat. The plyometric movement will leave you with a bit of cardio work to burn fat.

A 24-Hour Gym Helps You Build Your Bottom

Are you ready for a gym membership? You can build your glutes with a squat workout that incorporates all or some of these squats. Sign up for a gym right away to learn more about your options.


6 April 2021

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