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If you haven't had a need for physical therapy in the past, then you may have a reason to if you are dealing with a type of physical change that has left you with a physical issue. In order to gain a better grasp of the types of things that physical therapy is often used for, here is what you need to know.

What are some of the goals of physical therapy?

Patients who go to physical therapy can have different physical goals that they will work toward in each session. The goals you set for yourself with the help of the physical therapist will depend on the type of issue that you have, its location, its severity, what your long-term prognosis is, what other physical problems or limitations you have, and instructions provided by your primary physician or specialist. 

Goals can include things like helping you to get back to your pre-injury or pre-issue state if it has been determined that this is possible. This can help you to learn how to do things in a new way due to changes in your physical state. 

 What are some common reasons people go to physical therapy for?

One of the more common reasons why people go to physical therapy is for neck or back injuries. Unfortunately, the neck and back are areas of the body that tend to be easily injured. This happens because there are many muscles helping to support the spine that can be pulled if you move the wrong way, move too quickly, lift the wrong way, lift something that's too heavy, or move in a certain way at a moment when your neck or back isn't ready for that movement or is too weak. 

Another common reason why people go to physical therapy is for knee injuries. The knees are also areas of the body that are easily injured. They don't have the amount of flexibility that people often try to get them to have. Also, they aren't designed to take any type of added pressure put on them besides what your own body puts on them naturally. Also, aging and weight gain can put knees at significant risk of injury. 

Some of the other common reasons why people go to physical therapy include arthritis, mobility problems, weakness, post-surgical healing, any number of limb or joint injuries or issues, sprains, strains, or muscle deterioration from health conditions. Contact a physical therapist for more information. 


28 January 2021

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