Sports Rehabilitation Helps Dancers With Groin Pulls

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Professional dancers put their bodies through some incredible strain that may be very painful if you suffer an injury like a groin pull. While not serious when properly treated with sports rehabilitation, poor care methods may cause you to complicate the issue in a variety of ways.

Groin Pulls May Become Worse Without Care

As a dancer, you're going to put your body through some uniquely challenging situations, including lifting your legs very high. No matter how flexible and strong you have become, you still run the risk of injuring your groin by pulling the muscles and tendons too far.

Even worse, a groin pull may trigger some complications if you aren't careful about your treatment. For example, a worsening injury may trigger hip problems and even cause stress fractures if you continue to work the area too much. This problem could potentially end your career if it's serious enough.

Therefore, you need to understand the importance of sports rehabilitation for groin pull injuries. These care methods include a variety of DIY care methods and professional care options to get the best results and ensure that you don't experience any complications from this common injury.

Treatment Prevents Most Issues

If you're a dancer suffering from a groin pull and you're worried about complicating your injury, it is important to take a break from dancing for a few days until you've recovered. This break is often enough time for the injury to heal and to give you the ability to get back on the dance court.

Just as importantly, you need to take several treatment steps to ensure that the injury heals more quickly. For example, you'll need to ice the area immediately after the injury to minimize the extent of the swelling. And, just as importantly, you need to stretch the area – as necessary – to keep it strong.

As you feel your strength come back to the area, try a few leg lifts to see how much pain you experience. Though you might not feel much when you're resting, you typically not going to experience the same kind of pain you would if you worked the groin area.

And if the injury is lingering or refuses to go away, you need to talk to a sports rehabilitation specialist right away to get the help that you need. These experts will sit down with you and help you understand what is happening and provide high-quality professional care.


30 June 2019

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