Three Things You Should Know About An Urgent Care Clinic

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Today, urgent care facilities can be found throughout the nation. There are many reasons for this; however, you need to know how this type of clinic will benefit you and your family. The following are a few things you should know to understand this.

They are not the same as an emergency room

Although there are many services that this type of treatment facility can do, there are also limitations. Any type of medical emergency that may result in a hospital admission is a condition that should be addressed by an emergency room. An example of this is pain in your chest that could be a heart attack. A quick care facility does not have the capability of treating heart attacks or any other life threatening conditions. This is what an emergency room is for. A good rule of thumb is that any medical problem that you are thinking about calling 911 for is something that requires a hospital emergency room.

The services are faster than an emergency room

Hospital emergency rooms have become crowded. Some of this is due to the number of people who have no health insurance but still need medical treatment while other people may have insurance policies that only pay 100 percent of the bill if it is an emergency. There are other factors, of course, but the result is long wait times in many emergency rooms. Patients are evaluated and given priorities, but it is easy to be given a low priority, and you could be waiting to see a doctor for hours. A quick care facility can provide you with the treatment you need and not take up your entire day.

Not every service needs to be urgent

These clinics are also known to provide non-emergency health care. Most of these services are those that your doctor would provide, but you can't wait for an appointment. There are many examples of this. You may be sick with the flu, but you can't get into your doctor's office soon enough to get help. A quick care clinic can have a doctor see you and write a prescription for your condition. Other services this type of clinic can provide are certain forms of testing, such as those for sexually transmitted diseases. They can provide physicals for teenagers that are needed to participate in sports. Many of these clinics provide vaccinations for both children and adults.

In order to get the most effective use out of this type of facility, you need to shop around for one before you need it. This way you can find an urgent care center that is close by your home, and you can find out exactly what services they offer. In addition, you can find one that accepts your health insurance.


7 May 2019

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