Healthcare Services For People Without Health And Dental Insurance

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People without health insurance are still people in need of healthcare services. Most of these people have either recently lost their employer-sponsored coverage, or they cannot afford the government plans meant to cover families "affordably." If you fall under these categories of the uninsured, take heart. There are health and dental clinics out there that will provide services to you for out-of-pocket fees and on a sliding scale. You can also get care through medical and dental payment plans and, with certain providers, medical and dental credit cards. Here is how to find these clinics in your area so that you and your family can continue to receive care when you do not have insurance. 

Insurance-Free Dental Clinics

There are dental clinics that will advertise on TV that they take patients without insurance. Pay close attention to dental clinic ads to see who in your area promotes this feature. These clinics also take most other insurances, and they will take walk-in appointments even if you have never been there before. On top of that, these clinics have payment plans and healthcare credit cards you can apply for if your family's dental care bill is somewhat high. 

Low- And No-Income Medical Clinics

Yes, most of the patients in these clinics do not have much income, if any. However, these clinics also take patients who have no health insurance. They may even attempt to create Medicare/Medicaid accounts for you to see if they can bill government agencies on your behalf. If not, they provide payment plans, reduced fees for services rendered, and generous repayment terms. 

Community Walk-In Clinics

Community walk-in clinics are available in grocery stores as stand-alone clinics and as extensions of government services buildings. You only have to schedule an appointment when you walk in, and then you will be seen in the order in which you arrived. You can schedule an appointment ahead of time, too, if you like. Scheduling ahead ensures that you have exactly the appointment date and time you want that will fit into your schedule. 

Virtual Doctors

Some cities have begun investing in virtual doctors. You get a consult via web camera with a live doctor, and then if you need any further treatment or prescriptions, the doctor will refer you or prescribe meds for you. The convenience of these virtual appointments is that you never have to drive to a clinic and wait to see a doctor, and the cost for a virtual appointment is less than a visit to a physical clinic. 


13 March 2019

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