3 Tips For Augmenting Your Breasts Without Implants

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Breast implants are a common tactic used to augment your breasts, but having implants is not ideal for every woman. Trying alternative methods to achieve the breasts you want might be equally effective with fewer long-term maintenance concerns.

Lift Heavy

Many women are concerned about lifting weights in general, especially lifting heavier weights, but this is the best type of exercise to contour your body. If you want your breasts to appear larger or fuller, building your pectoralis major (pecs) can help. These are the muscles behind your breasts and building mass in this area can make the softer breast tissue project more from your chest. A common exercise to build the pecs is the bench press. You can also use the inclined bench press to work a different part of the chest. Start with lower weights and higher reps per set. As you become stronger, you can work up to heavier weights and fewer reps for each set.

Consider A Breast Lift

A breast lift can significantly change your breasts without implants, especially if you have lost volume in your breasts due to breastfeeding or losing a significant amount of weight. During a breast lift, the excess tissue is removed and the breasts may be reshaped to make the contours appear more aesthetically pleasing. Since the nipple and areola are generally left intact, there are fewer issues regarding numbness in these areas. The procedure will not make your breasts larger, but it can make your breasts sit higher up on your chest, appear fuller, and possibly give you cleavage. Some women find they do not need underwire or molded cups for support and to achieve an aesthetic shape to their breasts after a lift.

Use Fat Grafting

If your ultimate goal is to have larger, fuller breasts, fat grafting can be used instead of implants. In this procedure, fat is harvested from other areas of your body and injected into your breasts to increase their size or help with shaping. An added benefit to this procedure is the liposuction used to harvest fat. If there are areas of your body you want to contour using liposuction, such as your abdomen, back, or thighs, you can contour your body while enhancing your bust. Using fat grafting might reduce your risk of post-surgical complications since the fat is your own and not a foreign object, such as an implant. It is possible the fat graft might not maintain its blood supply, which means the fat will die and the area will need to be redone. Just like losing weight elsewhere on your body, it is also possible to lose fat in your breasts, so you should try to maintain your current weight after the procedure.

Implants might be the common route to your ideal bust, but they are not appropriate for everyone. Consider various natural breast augmentation alternatives to achieve the bust you desire before committing to implants.


31 January 2018

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