Healthy Ways To Pack On The Pounds To Lower Your Risk Of Osteoporosis

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One of the topics that will likely come up during your annual medical physical is your risk of osteoporosis. This is especially true as you increase in age, and if you're a woman — incidences of this bone condition are higher in women. There are several controllable and uncontrollable factors that can increase your risk of osteoporosis. One member of the former group is your size and stature. If you have a small frame, your risk of osteoporosis — and the related complications, such as falling and breaking a bone — are higher. In such a situation, your family doctor may advocate that you increase your body weight. You'll want to do so in a healthy manner, of course, so here are some things to try.

Pursue Strength Training

One of the best ways to pack on the pounds in a healthy manner is to perform strength-training exercises. Muscle fibers are dense and heavy, which means that as they grow, they can be effective for increase your body weight without compromising your health. (Conversely, you could increase weight by eating unhealthy foods, but this can lead to other health problems.) Hiring a personal trainer is a good idea to ensure that you perform the right exercises for your goal, but whether you're using free weights, weight machines, or simply your own body's weight as resistance, this will be effective for strengthening your body and thus lowering your risk of osteoporosis.

Cut Down On Cardio

Cardiovascular exercise is hugely beneficial for your health, but if you're exercising too much, you might be burning so many calories that you have trouble adding weight. While some weight-bearing forms of cardio can be beneficial for strengthening your bones, your doctor may advocate cutting down on your cardio overall. For example, you might wish to stop swimming laps at the local pool, as this burns calories quickly but doesn't strengthen your bones, in favor of walking — which strengthens your bones and burns calories slower.

Add Fats To Your Diet

Another valuable step in your effort to increase your body weight to lower your risk of osteoporosis is to alter your diet. Healthy fats won't make you fat, but they will fuel your body as you add more muscle. Foods that are high in healthy fats are also high in calories, which is perfect for those looking to increase their weight healthily. Fish, avocados, and tree nuts are three common examples of healthy fats that you may wish to try.

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28 December 2017

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