Does Your Loved One Require An Air Ambulance? How To Prepare For The Transport

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When loved ones are ill, or injured, you want them to receive medical care as quickly as possible. That can be difficult if they fall ill in a remote region, or they require specialized care that's not available in a hospital near you. When that happens, it may become necessary to enlist the assistance of an air ambulance. Arranging for an air ambulance isn't always easy. In fact, it usually requires quite a bit of coordinated effort between medical teams, and the patient, or next-of-kin. If your loved one requires air ambulance transportation, you can alleviate a great deal of the stress by taking a few precautionary steps. Here are three steps you can take to make sure your loved one's transportation goes off without a hitch.

Gather All Pertinent Medical Information

If your loved one is being transported via air ambulance, you might not be at the other end to provide medical, and personal, information. Unfortunately, a delay can lead to serious medical complications, not to mention a delay in treatment. As soon as you know your loved one is being air transported to another medical facility, you need to gather all their pertinent medical, and personal information, including treatment that's been received, test results, etc. You'll also need to send along copies of your loved one's insurance information.

Ensure Bedside to Bedside Transportation

If your loved one is going to be picked up from a medical facility, and will require assistance throughout the trip, be sure to ensure that the transportation involves bedside-to-bedside transportation. This is particularly important if your loved one is presently ambulatory, or able to walk on their own. If they're able to walk on their own, but require assistance, bedside-to-bedside transportation will ensure that the air team is prepared to assist them into the next facility, or until the receiving medical team is there to assist.

Coordinate Your Insurance Coverage

If you'll be using private insurance to cover the cost of your loved ones air ambulance costs, you'll need to coordinate the coverage from your end. Coordinating the insurance coverage between the facility your loved one is leaving from, and the one they're being transported to will ensure that everything is prepared once your loved one arrives. The last thing you want is to be left with a large transportation bill because the ball was dropped somewhere in the middle. By remaining on top of the transfer, you can reduce your chances of enduring an insurance complication.


26 September 2017

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