3 Tips For Proper Vaccine Storage

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Modern medicine has made many advancements when it comes to fighting disease. Thanks to the invention of certain vaccines, it's possible to avoid the contraction of diseases that used to wipe out sections of the population in large numbers. The administration of vaccines is an important endeavor, and the proper handling of these vaccines prior to administration is critical when it comes to their effectiveness.

Here are three tips that you can use to help improve your vaccine storage practices in the future.

1. Check your thermometers regularly.

Vaccines must be kept at certain temperatures to ensure that they will be effective once they have been administered to patients. It's important that you are taking the time to check the function of the thermometers in your fridges and freezers regularly to prevent improper vaccine storage.

If a thermometer malfunctions, it will be impossible to accurately measure storage temperatures. Calibrating your thermometers on a regular basis will help to ensure they function properly, keeping your stored vaccines viable for an extended period of time.

2. Check the quality of your seals.

Another important feature that needs to be checked regularly is the rubber seal around the doors on your freezers and refrigerators. This rubber seal plays a critical role in ensuring that the doors to your storage fridges and freezers close properly and remain airtight.

If a seal is compromised, contaminants could find their way into your vaccine supply. Conduct a visual inspection of all door seals to look for cracks or deterioration on a routine basis, and replace faulty seals immediately to keep your stored vaccines pure.

3. Add a backup generator.

It's important that you have a safety plan in place that will keep your vaccines viable in the event of a power outage. Since the fridges and freezers where most vaccines are stored rely on electrical currents to function properly, you should add a backup generator to the circuits supplying power to these storage appliances.

A backup generator will kick on once the electrical grid goes down, allowing your fridges and freezers to continue functioning as normal. Having a backup generator installed protects your vaccines from being compromised due to an electrical outage in the future.

Implementing a few simple actions into your routine can help ensure the proper storage of your vaccines. Make sure to check your thermometers, inspect door seals for signs of damage, and install a backup generator to keep your vaccines viable in the future.


29 August 2017

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