Having A Foley Catheter At Home

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If your doctor has determine that you need to keep a Foley catheter inserted for a period of time while you're home, that may come as a surprise to you. Most people don't have experience with catheters, and you may wonder what you need to know to avoid infection and handle the situation until your doctor says it can be removed. Heed the suggestions below to make the experience a useful and comfortable one.

Keep a Log

One of the reasons that your doctor may have asked you to wear the Foley catheter is that they're hoping to monitor your urine output over a period of a few days. To help your physician do that, it is important to write down how much urine is in the drainage bag before you empty it. This may happen a number of times each day. Doing so will provide your doctor with an accurate account of the amount of urine you are expelling from your body.

Have Extra Drainage Bags on Hand

While you may not need to change the tubing of the catheter while you're at home, you may have a mishap with one of the drainage bags holding your urine. If there should be a leak or a tear in one of the bags, it will need to be replaced right away. Keep extra drainage bags and other catheter supplies on hand so that you can take care of any accidents or problems right away.

Clean the Area

It's also important to keep yourself and the catheter tubing as clean as possible. Use a soapy, warm washcloth to wipe the area each morning and evening and rinse the area with warm water. This is done to prevent infection at the site, so even though you might find the experience a bit strange, it is vital and must be done.

Do Not Attempt to Remove the Catheter Yourself

Something that is especially important to remember is that you should not make any attempts to remove the catheter until your doctor approves it. That's because the process to remove a Foley catheter, while not difficult, can sometimes be made more uncomfortable by someone who is not experienced with the procedure.

Having a Foley catheter for a few days at home can be a more manageable and comfortable experience if you pay attention to the details above. Keep talking with your doctor and their staff to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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31 December 2016

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