Over 50 And Love To Ride Horses? Causes And Treatment Of Low Back Pain

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Anyone that rides horses can have back pain, but it can be even worse if you are older. Fortunately, there are things you can do to deal with this pain. For example, you can change the way you ride your horse, as well as get the right treatment for your pain. Keep reading and you will soon be riding your horse pain free.

Causes of Back Pain for Horse Riders

You need to learn the causes of your back pain before you start getting treated so you will not get the pain back quickly. If you have a horse trainer, ask them to watch you ride to see if you need to make some changes in your posture. For example, if you ride with your back arched, this could cause pain. Instead, you need to have your back straight while riding. This may be difficult to do if you have been riding with an arched back for a long time because of muscle memory. Because of this you will have to make a conscious effort each time you ride until you get used to it.

Back Pain Treatment

When you visit your doctor for low back pain, they will likely tell you to stop riding horses until you get back to normal. It is important to follow their advice or you would make the problem much worse. They will give you a full evaluation to determine what the problem is. For example, you may have a slipped disk or have pulled muscles. The doctor can prescribe muscle relaxers, as well as pain medication, if needed.

The doctor may suggest physical therapy to help with your pain. The physical therapist will use many different methods to help strengthen your back muscles, as well as doing stretching exercises. The therapist will show you exercises you can do at home.

One thing that many horse riders do to help with pain is swimming. Swimming uses balance and trunk muscles that you need for riding horses. Because you are flat on your back while you are in the water, your discs are not under pressure so you will not feel pain while swimming.

If you continue to have back pain, your doctor may suggest having back surgery to repair your back. Your doctor can go over this surgery with you in detail so you can decide if this is something you want to do. For more information, visit companies like http://swfna.com.


25 August 2016

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