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Some people believe that a major disaster is in the near future. Whether this disaster is caused by nature or a crashing economy, people known as preppers are concerned with ensuring they are prepared to withstand the disaster safely. While many preppers take the time to address food, transportation, and safety needs, few take the time to consider how they should make preparations for their vision needs.

Here are three things you need to do to ensure that you are prepared to see clearly should a serious disaster strike.

1. Keep a reserve supply of contacts on hand at all times.

Having spare contact on hand will ensure that you are able to see clearly enough to avoid debris, escape danger, and contribute to your own survival. If you traditionally wear disposable contact lenses, you might want to consider investing in extended wear contacts for your storage supply or bug-out bag.

These contacts can be worn continuously for up to 30 days (and sometimes longer if cared for properly). By having several pairs ready for an emergency, you can guarantee that your vision won't be compromised during a disaster.

2. Keep a supply of hand sanitizer with your contacts.

Proper handling of contacts is essential when it comes to preventing complications caused by bacteria growth on the surface of your lenses. While you might take the time to wash your hands with soap and water before handling your contacts now, you may not have access to running water in an emergency situation.

By keeping a supply of hand sanitizer with your emergency contacts, you give yourself the ability to remove harmful bacteria from your hands before handling contact lenses no matter what your living conditions may be. Just be sure that you remember to let the alcohol from the hand sanitizer dry completely before touching your lenses or eye area. Failing to do so could result in serious discomfort.

3. Anticipate vision changes and plan accordingly.

Since you have no way of knowing how long an emergency situation will last, it's important that you anticipate how your vision will change over time. Evaluating how quickly your vision has deteriorated since being prescribed contacts will help you estimate your future vision needs.

You can invest in some reading glasses or contacts with a stronger prescription to keep in your emergency kit to ensure that you will always have access to the vision correction tools you need to see clearly.

For more information, contact The Eye Center or a similar location.


2 May 2016

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