Getting Your Legs Ready For Summer: Not Just For The Ladies

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When it comes to preparing your body, and specifically your legs, for the summer, much of the emphasis always goes to the ladies. However, men too may want to make sure their legs are looking good and are ready to be exposed to the world once again after a long, cold winter. The problem is that many men do not know the options that are available to them to get their legs prepared for shorts and swimsuit season. Get to know some of these options so that you can get started on your preparations as soon as possible.

Laser Vein Treatment

Laser vein treatment is an option that you can use if you have large varicose veins on your legs or even if you have smaller spider veins. Most laser vein treatments are entirely non-invasive (though some can require a small incision).

The non-invasive laser treatment option involves beaming a laser through the surface of the skin and targeting the spider or varicose veins in your legs. The thermal energy created by the laser causes the veins to swell and close off, effectively shrinking the veins.

On the other hand, larger varicose veins may need a more direct laser treatment. This is a laser vein treatment that is catheter-assisted. The physician will make a small incision through the surface of the skin to insert a catheter (plastic tube) into the affected vein. The laser is filtered though the catheter to directly target the varicose vein bundle and seal it from blood flow. A company like Alaska Vein Care can tell you more about this option.

Laser Hair Removal

Many men have a complicated relationship with their natural body hair. While it is true that body hair is oftentimes more acceptable on a man than it is on a woman, it is not always ideal.

If you have more hair on your legs than you would like or you are wanting to get into surfing or swimming where body hair is less desirable, you may want to look into laser hair removal. This procedure involves the use of a less intense laser than the laser vein treatment mentioned previously.

The laser targets the hair follicles on the legs and damages the cells so that the follicle closes up and the hair disintegrates. A single treatment will reduce the amount of hair on your legs significantly. However, two to three treatments over the course of several months will remove nearly all of your leg hair.

Now that you know a few options to help get your legs ready for summer, you can get your appointments scheduled as soon as possible.


13 April 2016

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