Your Pregnancy: What Common Advice To Believe And What To Disregard

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When you find out that you are pregnant and share the news with your family and friends, you will likely find yourself bombarded with advice. Some of the advice that you receive from the people for your life is accurate and for the best, while some of the rest is unnecessary or can be modified to suit your preferences and individual needs. Get to know some of the common pregnancy advice that you should believe and some of it that you can disregard so that you can have the best and healthiest pregnancy possible.

No Caffeine During Pregnancy: Believe but with Modifications

After you tell everybody that you are pregnant, you will likely hear more than once that you will need to give up your morning cup of coffee or your afternoon tea. The reality of the situation is that caffeine could potentially have negative effects when you are pregnant. Caffeine can cause a person to have a faster heart rate and higher blood pressure. It may also have an effect upon a person's chances of having a miscarriage. 

However, if you already consume caffeine on a daily basis, quitting caffeine can make you feel ill and can actually cause negative effects for you and your baby. And, sometimes even if you are pregnant, you need a little pick-me-up during your day. If you limit your caffeine to one cup of coffee or tea a day or just once in a while, you can still enjoy your caffeinated beverages without affecting your pregnancy or your unborn baby's health.

No Cancer Treatments During Pregnancy: Disregard

Not too long ago, it was thought that if you found out you had any form of cancer while you were pregnant that you would need to make a choice between treating your cancer and continuing with your pregnancy. However, that does not have to be the case.

According to recent studies, when cancer is diagnosed during pregnancy, a mother can get the treatment she needs for her cancer and maintain her pregnancy without significant negative effects on her child. The study showed that long-term child development is not affected by the mother receiving cancer treatments like chemotherapy while pregnant. So, if a woman has cancer while she is pregnant, she does not have to choose between her health and the health of her unborn baby.

Now that you know a few examples of the pregnancy advice to believe or to disregard, you can go forward with confidence in your pregnancy. Contact a healthcare provider, like All Women's Healthcare, for more information.


7 October 2015

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