4 Reasons To Take Hormone Replacement Therapy

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If you're going through menopause, you may experience some unwanted symptoms that accompany this stage of life. The variety and severity of menopausal symptoms typically vary per female. However, if you're dealing with extreme issues that are affecting your everyday quality of life, you may want to consider taking hormone replacement therapy. Knowing some of the most common reasons to do so may motivate you to get started sooner rather than later..

Reason #1: Reduce hot flashes

One of the most common complaints from women who are going through menopause is dealing with hot flashes. This is when the body becomes flushed, and this can be uncomfortable for some women throughout the day. It's possible to have multiple hot flashes in any one day and by taking HRT these can typically be greatly reduced.

Reason #2: Reducing anxiety

The decrease in hormones causes many women to feel more anxious than usual. It can be difficult to live with anxiety and worrying about things consistently. This is not good for your overall health and using HRT can be helpful in reducing these feelings.

Reason #3: Stabilize moods

Many menopausal women suffer from constant mood swings. These can be difficult for the female and others in the presence of this individual. It's not uncommon to be happy in the morning and sad by noon for many women going through this stage of life.

This is due to the decrease in estrogen and progesterone that are important for the emotional stability of a female. By taking HRT, this will work to balance your hormones and reduce any mood swings you may be experiencing.

Reason #4: Better sleep

Being able to get the needed amount of rest each night is important to your health. Studies recommend for any individual to get seven to eight hours of sleep nightly. However, menopausal women may suffer from insomnia, and this can make it increasingly difficult to function on a daily basis.

One of the benefits of taking HRT may be increased sleep for women who are dealing with menopause.

Deciding if you should take this medication to help you cope with menopause is truly a personal decision. For more information on hormone therapy, contact a doctor from a pharmacy like Potter's House Apothecary, Inc. There are many benefits to doing so, and these should be discussed with your medical provider. Be sure to consult with your gynecologist and discuss the pros and cons of you doing so for the best long-term health results for you. 


17 August 2015

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