Bathroom Safety Gadgets For Seniors


The elderly who must rely on a home caregiver often have limited physical capabilities. These limited capabilities can be frustrating for them and may cause them to become increasingly agitated.

One of the major sources of aggravation is the use of the bathroom. Being unable to use the toilet or bath by themselves, and having to call for assistance when needing to do so can be frustrating and humiliating for the senior. There are also safety issues that must be addressed when seniors with severe disabilities use the bathroom. If you are responsible for taking care of a senior with severe physical disabilities, there are several bathroom devices that you can suggest to their relatives or the senior that can assist them in using the bathroom more easily. Here are a few of them:

 Safety Gadgets for the Bath

Grab Bars—Grab bars make it easy for the senior you care for to get in and out of showers and tubs quickly and safely. This can prevent the senior from slipping and make bathing in a tub or shower safer.

Safety Chairs and Benches—These benches and chairs come in a variety of shapes and style. You can have the senior pick out their favorite style or color. For seniors who cannot move around at any time unaided, there are also wheelchair benches and chairs that they can push in a shower stall. In cases where the senior cannot get into the tub without assistance, a bathtub transfer bench can help. Tub transfer benches are attached to the tub and seniors can get in and out easily. It is not a permanent fixture and may be removed so that other members of the household can use the same tub.

Toilet Safety Gadgets

Raised Toilet Seats—Raised toilet seats often come with a lifting mechanism. A lifting mechanism, makes it easy for senior who have trouble bending to get on and off the toilet safely. It is adjustable so that the toilet seat can be raised to the most comfortable height for the senior.

Toilet Safety Rails—Safety rails provide essential support for seniors. They allow seniors to have something to grip or grab when getting on and off the toilet to prevent stumbling. It provides much needed independence so that seniors can retain their dignity and help themselves.

Bathroom Commode—Commode chairs come equipped with a potty. They are useful for seniors who cannot get to the bathroom quickly enough or when seniors are so disabled using a regular toilet is impossible. They look like a chair and come with a potty in the middle. They are also equipped with safety rails.

Caring for a senior's bathroom needs can sometimes be a challenge. However, the use of bathroom devices can help seniors retain their dignity and also make their home caregivers job easier. (For more information on home caregivers, contact a company such as Devoted Guardians)


13 November 2014

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