3 Ways To Prepare For Your Recovery After Ultrasonic Liposuction

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Are you about to undergo an ultrasonic liposuction procedure? Ultrasonic liposuction is far gentler than other forms of liposuction procedure as it is much less invasive, but there still is a recovery time associated with it. Your recovery may take anywhere from seven days to a couple of weeks depending on how extensive your liposuction was, so you should prepare yourself and your home in advance.

1. Stock a Supply of Dressing Gowns and Robes

After your ultrasonic liposuction, you will feel fairly tender and it will be difficult to get in and out of clothes. Moreover, the site of the liposuction may still be leaking a little -- this is perfectly natural. A small incision is made during the process of external ultrasonic liposuction, which you will need to take care of and ensure that it does not get infected. Dressing gowns and robes will make the entire process much easier.

2. Purchase Cold Pads, Elastic Bandages, Gauze and Tape

Regardless of where your liposuction was done, you're likely to need these few items. Cold pads can be used to alleviate any localized swelling following the ultrasonic liposuction, while elastic bandages, gauze and tape should be used to keep any injection areas clean. Make sure to change your gauze dressings as often as your doctor told you to. Avoid getting your gauze wet. Elastic bandages further protect any sensitive areas and can also be used to hold cold packs onto any areas that have swelling.

3. Dry Shampoo and Baby Wipes

Due to the tenderness of your body, it will be very difficult to take a shower and potentially unhealthy to take a bath (as your incisions will still be healing). Dry shampoo and baby wipes are the best way to keep yourself clean while you recover without any issues. Dry shampoo is a spray that you apply to your hair to absorb any oils and to refresh it. You may also want to get some face or makeup wipes to protect your complexion. 

Don't fret! In just a couple of weeks you will be back to yourself and looking great. Don't forget to keep on top of any pain medications that the doctor gave you; it's always better to take medications before the pain gets worse, because medications can take twenty to thirty minutes to kick in. You should contact your doctor if you have severe pain or discomfort, as this process is usually not a severely uncomfortable one. (For more information on ultrasonic liposuction, contact a practice such as Plastic Surgery Innovation PC)


13 November 2014

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