What Are Prism Eyeglasses And When Are They Needed?


If you wear eyeglasses or have an eyeglass prescription, you may notice there is a space for "prism" on the prescription. Or, you may have spotted some strange markings and bumps on other people's glasses. While not all eye doctors prescribe prisms, it does have a purpose. Prism correction on eyeglasses can correct a real eyesight problem not directly related to poor vision.

What are prisms eyeglasses?

Prisms are modifications to the outside of the lens usually in the form of raised or thinned areas to redirect light. Like regular eyeglass correction, prisms can vary in size as well as shape and design. Some prisms are unnoticeable, while others are more visible to other people. 

Why would someone need prism eyeglasses?

Prism correction is usually prescribed for people who have weak eye muscles in one or both eyes. Generally, they are prescribed for those with strabismus, otherwise known as "cross eyes" or "wandering eyes" where they don't line up or work together. They are also prescribed for those who have double vision due to eye muscle issues. Mostly, they can be prescribed for anyone who has eye muscle issues. The prism works to redirect light and force the eyes to work together.

Why don't more doctors prescribe prism eyeglasses?

In many cases, doctors prefer to use other vision therapy instead of prisms, especially in children. Other therapies for some of the issues which prisms are used for include things like eye patches or eye exercises done at home or in the office. In some cases, prisms are tried and are not well tolerated by some people.  Another reason is that some prescriptions don't work well with prisms. There is also debate on whether or not prisms actually work compared to vision therapy or even surgery in some cases.

How much more expensive are prisms?  Are they easy to get?

Like bifocals and trifocals, prisms can vary in price depending on the features. While prisms, in general, will cost more than monovision lenses, the cost doesn't have to be prohibitive. The less visible and more "natural" you want your prism lenses to be, the more they will cost. The same goes for the cost of adding prism to more complicated prescriptions.

Contact San Juans Vision Source and learn all the details when prescribed prism lenses.  They may make a big difference in your eyesight, or they might not help at all.  Make sure your doctor informs you of all the risks as well as the benefits to these unique prescriptions.

For more information about vision correction, contact San Juans Vision Source or a similar location.


12 November 2014

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