Take Your Medicine! How A Compounding Pharmacy Can Help

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There are several reasons why you, or family members and pets, may not be medication compliant with standard drugs. A compounding pharmacy can take a doctor's instructions and tailor make a drug to fit your needs, whether you have difficulty taking regular medications, or you are having trouble getting your kids or pets to take theirs.

Infants and Children

Infants may need such low dose medication that it is not commercially available and you will need to have it specially made to meet your baby's needs. Some babies have GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease) and need specially made preparations to treat the symptoms.

 When a child needs to take an antibiotic or other oral medication, pharmacist may need to add fruit or candy flavored additive to the preparation to make it more palatable for a child.


Pets may have chronic problems that require pain medications or drugs to reduce stomach acid, or treat other problems and deficiencies.

If you are having problems getting a pet to take a necessary medicine, a veterinarian can prescribe it to be changed to a transdermal gel so that you can rub on the inside of the animal's ear to be absorbed through the skin. Also, a pill could be converted to a liquid and/or a meat flavor can be added to the medication


There are many reasons you may need or desire a specially made medication. Some commonly prescribed pills contain gluten or other undesirable additives/bases that you may not be able to tolerate due to allergies or other conditions.

Other reasons you may benefit from a compounded medication are:

  • You cannot swallow pills.

  • You need a modified strength or combination that better fits your body chemistry.

  • The drug preparation you need is not made by the manufacturer anymore.

  • The drug combination you need is in short supply.

Some common applications of compounded drugs include:

  • Biodentical hormone replacement therapy.

  • Specialized cancer treatments.

  • Options for pain medication such as sprays, sustained release capsules and more.

  • Topical preparations for arthritis.

  • Vitamin and mineral replacement therapy.

  • Thyroid preparations in varying strengths.

  • Dermatological conditions and skin care. 

  • Chelation therapy

  • Several medications combined in a topical ointment to treat neuropathy.

A compounding pharmacist can also help when you desire a natural alternative to chemical medications like when you need hormone replacement therapy. An all-natural version may be just as effective for you without the side effects that standard ones give. (For more information on compounding pharmacies, contact a place such as Camelback Pharmacy)


12 November 2014

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